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Linearena is a shooter with only one dimension, it's played on a single, one-dimensional line. Procedurally-generated enemies will come at you in waves, and you can shoot left or right to defeat them. The main mechanic that you'll use is the dash, which allows you not only to get a large speed boost, but also temporarily makes you able to move through walls, enemies, and bullets! The best way to fight enemies is to dash through them and then immediately turn around and shoot them.

You also have two different guns, a main and a special. You can upgrade these guns, but the type of gun may change, including the bullet type. Four different types of bullet are in the game. White bullets, the standard, do damage but will be destroyed if shot with another bullet. Red bullets are unstoppable, and you have to dash to dodge them. Green bullets can be turned around if shot and generally do more damage. If you're using them against a ranged attacker, beware! Yellow bullets push enemies massively far away, but generally do less damage. Use them if you need to get an enemy out of your face. Of course, you'll only have access to one or two of these bullet types at a time, so you'll need to adapt!


linearena_windows.zip 36 MB
linearena.zip 38 MB

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(play at the default resolution. I realized different resolutions have major problems a couple hours before the jam ended. sorry. Also, health doesn't display properly on mac for some reason. Don't ask me why.)

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