Make sure to run in fullscreen if playing on web.
PAINters was made for the 2020 Paint Jam. With the painting Tableau I as the map, fight with and against terrible drawings of famous painters and paintings with a knife or a gun. You can also customize your character by drawing your own painting.

You can play in browser on fullscreen or download on Windows, Mac (untested), or Linux (untested). Downloading will probably give better performance.


Game making people: ComputerCow and IDislikeNames

Software used: Unity, MS Paint, GIMP (but only for transparency), LMMS, Audacity

Also used Free Draw on Unity Asset store.


WASD: Move player 1

J - shoot player one

K - charge attack player one

L - block player one

Arrow keys: Move player 2

Numpad1 - shoot player 2

Numpad2 - charge attack player 2

Numpad3 - block player 2

Use mouse when you feel like it

Escape - escape


Download 28 MB
Download 26 MB
Download 29 MB

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