A 20x20 grid of randomly-generated puzzles. Start by selecting a 5x5 grid and then selecting a square inside of it. It'll show you a puzzle, and you have to answer in the box below the canvas. Once you solve it, the square will give you a hint on whether a certain square should be on or off. Press space to change the color of the square that you solved (yellow is on and black is off). Keep going until you have solved all of the puzzles and have the correct formation based on the hints. Once you've done that, pick another grid and do the same thing. Once you have solved a group of 5x5 grids, it'll turn into a single unsolved 10x10 grid. Once you have solved all four 10x10 grids, the entire board will turn into a single 20x20 grid. Once you solve that, you'll finally have beaten the game (spoiler alert: it'll take a while). In total, you would have to solve 1200 different puzzles. To save your progress, click the "download grid" button to download a text file that contains your entire grid. Then, you can choose the file later to continue where you left off. This game is basically a replacement for a puzzle book. I don't even have the attention span for it myself. However, if you're the type of person who has a good amount of time to kill and likes puzzles, this is a good game for you.

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